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Secrets to Predicting Winning Pick 4 Lotto Numbers - Pick 4 Tips - How to Win Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

How To Win A Lottery Jackpot:

If you want tips to predict winning pick 4 lottery numbers, then read this. Learn how to win pick 4 lottery.

Whatever game you choose to play, it is important to know the facts about the game. Knowing the facts will give you knowledge that can help you win more than the average player. The pick 3 and the pick 4 games are similar, but have some slight differences.

The first difference that you should be aware of is the differences in the odds of winning in each game. For the pick 3 game, the odds of winning are 1 in 1000. For the pick 4 games, your chances or odds of winning are 1 in 10,000. Notice that it is 10 times harder to win in the pick 4 game, but if you win, you have a chance of getting up to 10 times more money in the Pick 4 just for getting all of the numbers correct. So you have a chance to win up to 00-,000 in the win 4 lottery.

Another difference is that there are 5 types of combinations that can become winners. The five types of combinations are "single combos", "double combos", "triple combos", "quad combos", and "double double combos".

Single combos - In this series of numbers, none of the numbers in the combination match. Each digit is unmatched from the other. Examples are 1469, 2564, and 3175.

Double combos - In this type of combination, of the four numbers, two of them will match. Examples are 4060, 2434, and 5568.

Triple combos - For this type of combination you will have three numbers that are equal to each other. Some examples of this combination are 4445, 2333, and 8788.

Quad combos - For this combination, all 4 numbers will match each other. The following numbers are examples of this combination: 5555, 8888, and 2222.

Double double combos - With this combination you see double of everything. In other words, the doubles appear two times in the combinations. Some of the examples are 2244, 3388, and 7755.
With the five types of combinations of our win 4 lottery combinations, what are your odds? The single combo is the combination that wins about 50% of the time. The double combo is the 2nd most frequent winning combination. It wins about 44% of the time. The combination of the remaining combos wins about 5% of the time.

Based on this information, you should concentrate on choosing a number that follows the single combo pattern. This pattern appears more frequently than any other combination in the pick 4 lottery.

With the information that you have, stay away from combinations that match the double combos, triple combos, quad combos and the double double combos, because your chances of winning will be much less of winning than if you use the single combo combination.

Learn other tips that will help you to become a winner as you play win 4 lottery or the Pick4 lottery.

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